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At present, the problem of ensuring economic security is the subject of close attention and study. It has become especially relevant in connection with the ever-increasing degree of openness of economies, their close integration into world economic processes. There is no single approach to determining the essence of economic security in ensuring national security of the country. Most often, national security is defined as a social phenomenon that characterizes the protection of the vital interests of the individual, society and the state from dangers and threats. The long-term experience of developed countries shows that the national security of the state is ensured primarily by the state of the country's economy, its real and financial and credit sectors. The economic security of the state is a complex and multifactor system that represents a material basis for the formation of other components of national security. Ensuring economic security is one of the main problems of the state. Ensuring economic security is one of the main problems of the state. Therefore, the state must ensure such a level of security that will ensure the internal and external stability necessary for normal economic functioning, the active participation of the country in the international division of labour and competitiveness. At the same time it will provide the basis for ensuring an adequate level of security.

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економіка країни; економічна безпека; національна безпека; держава.

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